The definition of proptech is any technology developed for the real estate industry that uses automation, artificial intelligence, IT, Internet of Things (we can go on). In real life, proptech is a class of start-ups and technology companies that create solutions to improve the efficiency and ease of planning, managing, transacting and using real estate at every stage of a building’s life cycle. Proptech is any device, system, solution or product that uses technology to improve the process of buying, selling, building, housing and investing in real estate. Proptech is an innovative approach to real estate where technology simplifies how people explore, rent, buy, sell and manage the property.

PropTech (property technology) uses information technology (IT) to help individuals and businesses explore, buy, sell and manage real estate. Simply put, Property or PropTech technology involves using IT to revolutionise or enable the digital transformation of the real estate industry. Real estate technology – or proptech – is a wide range of products, services and systems that use technology to improve or simplify the way people interact with residential or commercial real estate. Popular PropTech (property technologies) technologies include virtual reality software that allows website visitors to virtually walk through properties, software for renovation reporting, rent splitting, and financing new real estate projects.

Various proptech tools, software platforms, and databases serve every corner of the commercial and residential real estate world, from investment agreement management, portfolio management, property management, etc. Using the latest tools and technologies, proptech provides services and platforms for real estate professionals, owners and investors and targets the other end of the real estate landscape: end customers and their homes. These three companies: Lands represent the type of technology and platform innovation proptech brings to the real estate industry. Several technology centres are located in the three major cities of New York, Boston and San Francisco, providing a wealth of real estate information in the areas of the building, buying, selling, leasing, moving and managing real estate assets.

Analysing the PropTech sector is complex and straightforward when considering how startups use technology innovation to change the real estate sector. The result of the analysis is innovative data-driven analytics that improves strategic decision making by giving you insight into new technologies and startups in real estate and real estate. Thus, current digital technologies in real estate can include property management using digital control panels, innovative home technology, research and analysis, technology-enabled listing/brokerage services, mobile applications, residential and commercial loans, and 3D modelling for online -portals, automation, crowdfunding. Real estate projects, joint space management, and organising, analysing and extracting critical data from long lease documents.