The pace of investment and proptech innovation has only picked up in Canada over the last year, with over 150 companies added to the country’s database, raising the total number to over 450 startups. The report finds that 50% of all proptech startups were founded within the last five years. Seventy-one per cent of those companies are early-stage (angel, pre-seed, seed). Proptech Collective, a non-profit group that produces the report, notes that since the last report, over 150 startups were added to the data analysis, giving the total number of proptech startups more than 450. RenoRun had the most significant financing round in proptech this year, and Generac’s purchase of Ecobee led M&A activity this year, according to the Proptech In Canada Report.

Expect to see this makes the global property sector one of the largest industries in the world by overall financial value. From a business standpoint, expected means the potential of startups and companies working in the real estate space is vast, and it is likely to keep growing as cities keep expanding. So Cooper believes that real estate and technology companies have many opportunities to partner if they provide value, not just nice-to-haves.

A platform and application from one of San Francisco‘s startups have channelled $13 billion in funding to some 380,000 homeowners making eco-friendly home upgrades half of it in the last year. Sellers, from startups to publicly traded companies, have raised billions on proprietary platform exchanges since they debuted in June 2020, including $1.2 billion last year. Among the first-year participants is a large contingent of startups working on making the bank quicker and more available for other businesses.

PropShare, a real estate investment startup in Bangalore, has raised $47 million (INR 367 crore) from WestBridge Capital and Pravega Ventures. PropTech startup PropShare was founded by a team with deep expertise in institutional real estate investment and technology, aiming to democratize real estate investment for regular investors by providing institutional-quality analytics, asset management, and liquidity at a significantly lower investment threshold. Proptech startup PropShare is a tech-enabled real estate investment platform enabling investors to buy commercial real estate assets.

By expanding the distribution channels, investing in technology and staff, and expanding distribution channels, Bangalore-based PropShare plans to leverage $47M in building out the platform in different regions and asset classes of real estate. Online real estate investing platform Propshare has raised $47 million (about Rs 367 crore) in Series B funding led by WestBridge Capital, a homegrown private equity player. Retail investors can view properties through PropShares web-based platform, make partial or complete investments in properties, and begin receiving rentals directly in their bank accounts.