It’s time to look at European real estate and again choose some of the best and best places to invest in real estate. How PropTech and digitalisation are changing the European real estate sector – during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Market-based digital solutions are gaining popularity in a wide variety of sectors of the economy – and with good reason. Proptech is gaining momentum in Europe, and due to the pandemic, there is currently a lot of pressure on the real estate sector to accelerate its digital transformation.

The Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2021 survey shows that 78% of those surveyed expect the use of technology for real estate companies to increase over the next three to five years. In 2022, the trends that have generated investor interest in proptech technologies will increase, leading to more companies investing in new technologies. According to JLL’s 2021 global real estate technology market survey, about 8,000 companies offering technology solutions for the built environment, up 300% from the last decade, a sign of the “maturing prop-tech startup landscape.” Raj Singh, managing partner at JLL Spark. He manages the company’s internal technology investment arm.

According to a press release, fifth Wall, one of the world’s largest real estate and real estate technology venture capital firms, announced closing a €140 million ($160 million) financing for its European Real Estate Technology Fund. The Fifth Wall said the European Fund is committed to accelerating European technology innovation and replicating Fifth Wall’s booming real estate technology funds in North America. The European Fund will target high-potential European startups and may provide co-investment opportunities with Fifth Wall’s core technology real estate fund in North America.

Led by industry veterans Roelof Opperman and Miguel Nigorra, based in London, the European Foundation provides a powerful gateway between the US and European startup communities and a valuable network to advance the European proptech ecosystem beyond Europe. With many of Europe’s leading real estate companies supporting our European fund, we are well-positioned to accelerate the expansion of the construction equipment market by identifying and supporting the most promising companies. Having so many top European real estate companies backing the European Fifth Wall Fund will allow us to accelerate the expansion of the proptech ecosystem in Europe and Israel,” said Wallace.

Dear Contech and Proptech Community, Our Early Stage Fund was launched last year to add value to European construction and technology start-ups at a very early stage through investment and building a bridge between real estate and startups. Existing investors Dquadrat and WENVEST will continue to support proptech’s German start-up casava in ​​its mission to streamline the real estate management sector digitally. This also applies to real estate technology, “proptech,” as global and European venture capital flows into startups, helping investors and property managers make data-driven decisions and giving consumers access to digital mortgages and real estate investment platforms.