Real estate technology, also known simply as proptech, can be defined as technology and software to meet today’s real estate needs. Proptech can be defined as applying intelligent technologies and real estate approaches that make it easier for people to find, buy, sell, live and manage real estate.

From processing financial transactions via blockchain to managing the lead pipeline in CRM software, there are several ways Property Technology or PropTech is changing the face of the real estate industry. PropTech brings new market opportunities to real estate companies, including redesigning and improving the efficiency of development projects, reimagining product and service offerings, and developing applications, software, and other data analytics to simplify real estate initiatives. PropTech is a company that develops real estate technologies to improve the management, control, planning, trading and use of the real estate.

Proptech, also known as real tech, which stands for real estate technology, refers to all the software, tools, websites, apps, and other digital solutions real estate professionals use to simplify buying, selling, research, marketing, financing, and other operations with real estate. Property technology, also commonly referred to as property technology or proptech, is an industry that utilises information technology in real estate applications to help consumers buy, sell, and manage properties. Proptech combines the latest technology and innovative solutions that simplify the creation and management of properties. Proptech is “technology that helps or improves the way properties are managed”.Helps achieve one goal – changing the culture and customer experience at the heart of the real estate industry.

PropTech advocates identify gaps and inefficiencies in the real estate market and related industries and introduce advanced technology solutions in sectors traditionally resistant to change, such as buying and renting, management, appraisal, financing and construction. In the long term, the digital transformation of the real estate/real estate sector will facilitate interaction between PropTech and real estate firms and provide opportunities to network with real estate professionals and technology investors. As new technologies continue to influence and advance the real estate industry, real estate service providers can stay at the forefront, developing and implementing effective strategies to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

PropTech covers any technology that aims to reinvent or improve the bumpy or bureaucratic real estate and property management process. Proptech benefits all parties involved – developers, investors and property management companies – due to its recent buzzword in the commercial real estate industry. Real estate PropTech startups are all those who are trying to improve the real estate sector (especially in cities with high population density) and make it more efficient and convenient for all parties involved. PropTech (property technology) can be described as any technology that can be used to help individuals and businesses research, buy, sell and manage the property.