The most significant property trade show in the world, held in Cannes on March 15-18, we got to know a variety of industry professionals and their thoughts about the rapidly expanding property tech sector, both in central and eastern Europe, as well as worldwide. The analysis results are data-driven intelligence about innovation, enhancing strategic decision-making, and providing an insight into emerging technologies & startups within the real estate and real estate industries. Big data analytics, and emerging property tech trend, is used by companies to discern the suitable properties to invest in using real estate market data.

Analysing such data provides insights into property market trends, allows the evaluation of investment risks, and enables a better understanding of buyers’ needs. If you are planning on buying a property, you can use the data provided by the best real estate management tools to ensure that you are getting the maximum return from the real estate you buy. The trends presented here should be helpful for home sellers and buyers. The ten biggest trends in real estate have greatly improved customer experiences when purchasing properties, automated construction processes, and allowed investors and real estate firms to make better decisions.

You will also want to keep an eye on real estate software development trends and be aware of the upcoming technologies in the real estate space. With an extensive array of intelligent technologies, mobile apps, digital dashboards, and data analytics tools, real estate technology have the potential to significantly accelerate transactions, simplify property management, and cut down on paperwork. TReal estate industry members now use technologies such as online real estate sales platforms, apps, social media, and innovative home technologies. A surge of startups and high-tech companies servicing the sector is also on the horizon, and many are paying a lot of attention to making transactions more expeditious.

Looking forward to 2022, growing awareness about ESG within real estate as well as within tech companies has led the way for significant increases in ESG initiatives, investments, and financing. Funding is not the only driver behind the rise of prop-tech in Europe: Strategic business investments from and adoption of real estate companies are creating a “kingmaker” dynamic in the entire proptech market. With several of Europe’s top real estate firms supporting our European Fund, we are well placed to help speed up Europe’s proptech market expansion by discovering and supporting the most promising companies. The increased scale and the level of funding, in general, enable proptech companies to scale up operations more quickly, invest in product development, and scale up internationally, allowing them to compete earlier in multiple cross-European markets.