In the latest update from PROPTECH-X ‘Proptech & Property News’, we delve into understanding Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). This regulation is a critical component of how businesses handle their electronic communications and respect the privacy rights of individuals.

The PECR governs the use of cookies that track information about people’s online movements, security of public electronic communications services, privacy in relation to marketing, directories, and more. It offers specific privacy rights in connection with electronic communications.

🔒 At its core, PECR aims to ensure that everyone’s private life remains just that – private. It does this by setting out strict rules for organizations to follow when sending marketing messages via email or text message, making live or automated calls, tracking website usage through cookies or similar technologies among other things.

One key aspect is consent: companies must obtain explicit consent before they can send any form of digital communication for direct marketing purposes unless there’s a previous customer relationship involved where such communication could be deemed necessary.

Another important feature revolves around data protection; this includes ensuring all personal data collected is kept secure from unauthorized access or loss while also being processed accurately within legal parameters set forth by governing bodies like EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Let’s switch gears now to Angela Rayner who has recently been appointed as Labour’s new Shadow Levelling Up and Housing Secretary. In her role she will scrutinize government policy on housing issues including home ownership rates, affordable housing supply and homelessness levels amongst others.

Rayner comes with a wealth of experience in tackling social inequality which makes her well suited for this position where she will work towards leveling up opportunities across all demographics particularly focusing on those less advantaged regions which have been left behind due to systemic neglect over years past.

Her appointment signifies an exciting time not only within UK political landscape but also property sector at large because it brings fresh perspectives into play along with potential changes aimed at making housing more accessible for everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status.

In conclusion, understanding PECR is essential for businesses to ensure they are complying with privacy laws in electronic communications. On the other hand, Angela Rayner’s appointment as Labour’s new Shadow Levelling Up and Housing Secretary brings hope for a more equitable property sector. Both these news items signify important shifts in the proptech and property landscape that will have far-reaching impacts on how we live, work and interact online.